What is Remedial Girl Lessons?

RGL is my personal blog. I am (in no particular order) a trail runner, musician, songwriter, gluten-free cook, and engaged-lady-planning-a-wedding. I’m also a scientist and a Search and Rescue volunteer, but if I ever feel the need to blog about science and/or SAR, I’ll probably do that in a different place.

Some of the things you can expect to find on RGL include:

  • Recipes
  • Information concerning micro-budget ($5k or less) weddings
  • Information about trail races, especially in the tri-state region of PA, OH, and WV
  • Idle musings about random topics
  • (Maybe) Links to some of my songs, if I ever get a decent USB mic

2 thoughts on “What is Remedial Girl Lessons?

  1. Hello, and thank you for the photo tour of Robin Hill!! I am looking at using it for my daughter’s wedding slated for 2015. Have you had your wedding? I would love to know more about it – what you did, see photos, hear your thoughts, comments, advice. Any red flags that popped up? Their pricing is marvelous – we are also looking at Succup Conservancy, West End Overlook Park, and the George Washington Hotel in Washington.

  2. Hi Kimberly! My wedding is in two weeks. We are having a very small wedding — between 40 and 50 guests. Hopefully I will be able to post some photos before TOO long đŸ˜‰

    The folks at Robin Hill have been extremely easy for me to work with. You might want to be aware that the rental chairs and tables that come with the facility may NOT be taken outdoors, and that if you want to place a tent, you will have to anchor it using sandbags or barrels rather than stakes.

    Since I am having a small and low-budget wedding (under $5k total), most of our wedding will be DIY. A friend of mine is DJ’ing using sound equipment I already have from my hobby as a musician, I am making our decor mainly using origami flowers and cut glass decorations I got from visiting local Goodwill stores, and we are also doing our own catering including the wedding cake (a lot of us have extensive restaurant and catering experience; I would not advise most people to DIY their food!)

    Robin Hill’s pricing IS incredible. (In addition to the 8 hours that comes with the rental, you can also buy extra time, both the night before and the morning of the wedding. It costs $25/hour. You can also arrange to pay an extra fee for them to do cleaning instead of you.) The other thing is that the Sheraton Pittsburgh Airport is very close to the hotel and gave us a great group rate. Unfortunately, we did not end up filling our room block, but the Sheraton didn’t make us pay for unused rooms — however, if we had filled our room block, we would have gotten a complimentary room, and shuttle transportation for our guests would have been free to and from the wedding.

    If you want to do Robin Hill for a spring or summer wedding, you might want to make up your mind sooner rather than later… they do their reservations a year in advance, by the month (for example, if you were getting married on July 30, 2015, the earliest you could make the booking would be July 1, 2014). And they do tend to fill up: when I arrived to book my July wedding, all the June weekends had been taken. We went with Robin Hill over West End Overlook because we liked that the grounds were more spacious, we liked the inside of the building more, and because I’ve had experiences renting Citiparks shelters and it is a ZOO there on Permit Day, especially for West End Overlook!

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