Easy Crocheted Mistletoe Ornament

mistletoe ornament

We didn’t have any mistletoe, and you know I’m not going through a Christmas season without having a good excuse to kiss Mr. Man-Monster! So I decided to make a DIY mistetoe ornament instead of spending money on one. I made this little guy out of some yarn from my stash bin today (it took a very small amount of yarn — so little that I couldn’t even measure how much I used with any degree of accuracy). I did it completely free-form and not to any existing pattern, but here’s basically how I did it.

Crocheted Mistletoe Ornament

Time: 30 min-1 hr.


  • Light green yarn, worsted weight
  • Dark green yarn, worsted weight
  • White yarn, worsted weight
  • Burgundy yarn, worsted weight
  • Hook of the appropriate size to get a gauge of 15 st = 4-5 inches
  • Wire for positioning leaves (optional)


Leaf Pattern

Ch 15 with light-green yarn, switch to dark green yarn.

First round: Add one stitch per stitch in chain: 3 sc, 9 dc, 3 sc. Put another sc in the end of the chain, and another sc on the opposite side of the chain (the end of the chain will have 3 sc in it). Now crochet 2 sc, 9 dc, 3 sc in the chain and add another sc at the very end of the chain to finish the round — you will have a light green line surrounded by dark green.

Second round: 3 sc, 9 dc, 3 sc. Ch 2 tog. 3 sc, 9 dc, 3 sc. Ch 2 tog. Fasten off.

Make 2 x leaves.


Mistletoe Berry Pompoms

Wrap white yarn around 2 fingers for 15-20 turns. Pinch in middle and tie tightly with a separate piece of white yarn. Cut the outside loops of yarn at the apex of each loop: shape pompom by fluffing and arranging strands of yarn with fingers. Trim to desired level of size and regularity. If desired, make pompom fluffier by unraveling each strand of yarn.

Make 3 x pompoms.


Finishing the Ornament

Attach leaves together at the ends, so that most attractive side is facing downwards and most pointed sides are facing out. Hang pompoms from the center of the leaves, each at a slightly different length, to form a cluster of berries. If desired, weave wire through the leaves to make them more easily positionable. Wrap burgundy yarn around center of ornament to hide wire ends and knots; tie burgundy yarn in a loop so that the ornament can be hung.